Flagship FAQ

The Advanced program has typically had between 25-30 applicants each year and have accepted 15-20. However, we will be expanding the numbers accepted gradually over the next few years, which means we are working toward a bigger application pool of qualified students.

Candidates for the Advance Flagship should have a well developed sense of their career goals and have done a substantial part of a major other than Chinese. In addition, students should have a strong general academic background (minimum 3.3 GPA) and evidence of a strong work ethic.

You may apply for the Advanced program while taking Chinese 301 for admittance in the Fall of their junior year.

Our Advanced Program application deadline is February 20 for fall entry. We will conduct assessment and interviews in the month after we have received all the applications. Acceptance is generally announced 4 weeks following application. Entry into the program is based on the student’s language level.  We accept applicants every semester. Click for more  

The time in the program depends on individual’s background and where a student enters the program. The full program is meant to be completed as an integral part of an undergraduate education, students must complete a minimum of four dedicated Chinese Flagship courses (12 hours) and at least four advanced Chinese electives (12 hours). After a student completes the BYU campus coursework, they participate in the overseas capstone program in China or Taiwan, beginning with direct enrollment at Nanjing University in Nanjing, China, or National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan for one semester (~5 months) and culminating in an internship there, which focuses on your specific career goals (~ 4 months).

Absolutely.  Placement in the program will depend on your career goals, so it’s important to have a strong plan for the future.

This program is designed to implement the Chinese language to your field of study.  Past and current students have majored in areas like political science, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, law, accounting, journalism, business management, and biochemistry.

Flagship is for BYU undergraduate students

Yes.  See financial support and scholarship page. Click for more

No. Admission to BYU and the Chinese Flagship program is not limited to members of the LDS church, but all students and faculty are asked to observe the university-wide honor code.

The Chinese Flagship Program operates as an integral part of the BYU undergraduate program. Therefore, all students are required to gain admission to BYU if they have not already at the time of application.