Chinese Capstone


After finishing the Advanced Track at BYU, students are placed at one of two universities in China. The placement programs are at Nanjing University or the Beijing Union University. The Capstone is a two-part experience involving:
1.Direct enrollment at Nanjing University or the Beijing Union University
2.Internship in your chosen field in China

At the Nanjing University the Capstone is split by semesters. The first semester will consist of the direct enrollment at Nanjing. The second semester will consist of the internship in the student’s chosen field.

At the Beijing Union University the Capstone consists of two semesters of direct enrollment classes and a part-time internship during the second semester.

Outline of Overseas Program

In-Country Study Program

Location: Nanjing University

Duration: Four and a half months (September–mid-January )

In-Country Orientation: In-country orientation period (two weeks prior to course), selection and training of tutors, direct enrollment course selection, housing selection, etc…

Formal Components
  • Media, and society course, (current events, culture (news media, literature, social science topics), hot topics course and special community lectures.
  • Advanced writing and composition (taught by local lecturers).
  • Language optimization course, to work on language proficiency.
  • Group class/Chinese history and culture: Special topics (Cultural, Historical, and Special speakers).
  • Hot Button Topics (societal issues in modern China).
  • Direct enrollment at Nanjing University in students’ specialization (two courses).
Informal Components

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are funded by the federal government and are offered by the Asian Studies Program to encourage BYU graduate and undergraduate students to study select Asian languages (including Russian) and area studies. For information about the scholarship and how to apply, please visit