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2021 NSEP Approved Summer Program

by chinesefs


-Flagship Chinese Institute, Indiana University

-Chinese Summer Intensive Language Program - Middlebury Institute at Monterey (temporarily approved for 2021) Middlebury Language Schools - Chinese

-URI Summer Program, University of Rhode Island


-ICLP Flagship - Taipei, Taiwan

-Tamkang University, University of Mississippi

-National Cheng Keng University, American Councils

-National Yang-Ming University, Hunter College

-Mandarin Training Center at National Normal University, Indiana University


The Chinese Flagship Program Builds Bridges Through Debate

by chinesefs

Mid-term  Debate

 The Chinese Flagship Program Builds Bridges Through Debate

 Students taking the debate course learn important skills and cultural attitudes to prepare them for life abroad. 

Debates can be difficult. Tensions run high, and to seem convincing you have to say the right thing at the right time in the right way. This can prove a tall order for anyone to do in their native language, so imagine the difficulty of debating in a language you are learning!

For students in the Chinese Flagship Program debate course, this doesn't need to be imagined. The course, taught by visiting professor Sha-Sha Yang, centers around formal debates that happen throughout the semester. For each one, students with a high proficiency level in Chinese speaking debate one another on a predetermined topic.

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