Students are expected to achieve a high level of proficiency. (3/3+ on the government ILR scale or Superior on the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) helps measure your Chinese ability. (See correspondence of language proficiency scales)

BYU ART (Adaptive Reading Test) and BYU ALT (Adaptive Listening Test), formerly called the ACTFL-BYU tests, were developed with ACTFL and with additional support with DLNSEO.

The ART has two forms: one for traditional characters and one for simplified. However, at the higher levels both forms contain a mix of both characters.

ART and ALT are computer adaptive, criterion referenced, and internet deliverable.

For ease of description, progress within a proficiency level is described using the mnemonic “REDS”, where:

  • R stands for Random ability – or a score that is at or below the level of random guessing.
  • E stands for Emerging ability – or a score that is at least one item better than chance, but does not exceeded getting half of the items correct.
  • D stands for Developing skills – or the ability to answer more than half of the items correctly, but not be able to sustain that level of performance at least 70% of the time.
  • S stands for Sustained ability. Using the ILR scale, there is a single threshold score of 70% that represents the lower qualifying boundary for sustained performance at that level. In the ACTFL scale, 70% qualifies for a sustained rating of “Low” and 80% is required for a sustained rating of “Mid”. By definition, it is not possible to earn an ILR “Plus” or an ACTFL “High” sublevel rating unless one shows both sustained ability at that level and developing skills at the next higher level.

The ten proficiency levels are:

Advanced High
Advanced Mid
Advanced Low
Intermediate High
Intermediate Mid
Intermediate Low
Novice High
Novice Mid
Novice Low

BYU ART and BYU ALT must be administered in a proctored environment. Please contact your proctor to get the detailed registration and testing information or send an email to

Go to the following link BYU ART (Adaptive Reading Test) and BYU ALT (Adaptive Listening Test)